Bulk Up 5 Muscle-Shocking Methods you Forgot All About

The search for sleeve-busting biceps and chiseled chest has led lifters to try virtually anything to gain more muscle and see better results. All of the new, cutting-edge techniques that are emerging have led us to forget one thing – what actually works. Real training programs should be based off of results, which in this case, refers to effectiveness at putting on huge amounts of muscle. Read More.


Credit: Men’s Fitness

Devin Physique Tore Pec (Graphic Video)

(Warning: Graphic Content)

Devin Zimmerman, aka Devin Physique, is an Instagram fitness model who became a well-known name through negative feedback on him photoshopping his Instagram pictures, making him look more defined and aesthetically pleasing and his personal assistant exposing him of his workout and meal plans, claiming she was the one providing the work and not Devin. The video above shows a short clip of Devin Physique working on dumbell pressing and tearing his left pectoral muscle.

Devin’s Instagram